The Welcome Waggin’In-Home Veterinary Care

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The Welcome Waggin’ In-Home Veterinary Care

On April 1, 2020, I officially achieved a dream I had for over a decade. I purchased an existing mobile veterinary practice from a fellow female veterinarian, Dr. Lisa McIntyre. She founded The Welcome Waggin’ in 2007 to provide a better work-life balance for herself as she raised her family. She spent 12 years growing a fantastic client base in the Western Chicago Suburbs before moving to Tampa, FL, in the late summer of 2019.

Owning a mobile veterinary practice was never on my radar! I was always unsure of house calls. However, in the summer of 2019, as I was starting my coaching business, I needed additional income to support our family. I started Waeltz Veterinary Services, PLLC, and started to provide veterinary relief services part-time. I actually met Dr. Lisa via LinkedIn!

I started working for The Welcome Waggin’ part-time that fall, and no pun intended — I literally fell in love with house calls. House calls provide such an intimate experience. I had no idea how much fun it would be to sit with my patients on their favorite sofa and really get to see how they experience life. In a veterinary world that is struggling with burnout and compassion fatigue, house calls completely changed the game. Our vets and support staff have the ability to develop strong client relationships. Getting to know our clients on a more personal level is just fantastic.

And probably the most surprising blessing was how much veterinary medicine could actually be practiced in the home setting. From preventative care to dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, mobility, the list goes on!! Although The Welcome Waggin’ is not full service, we can do so much. And then, when needed, we partner with neighboring clinics for surgical and radiographic workups.

And on a personal level – being the CEO of The Welcome Waggin’ allows me the flexibility, freedom, and creativity to learn the business and grow an amazing company. I’m putting my little dent in the veterinary industry by improving the lives of those working in veterinary medicine and enhancing the veterinary-client-patient relationship!

The veterinary profession is currently where too many professionals quickly burn out and leave the field. In addition to providing quality in-home veterinary services, I have a big dream of changing the trajectory of veterinary medicine. I am creating a work culture where my team feels valued and heard. I also provide coaching and training opportunities on both personal and professional growth. Together we are creating a win-win culture. The highest standard of veterinary care can be maintained by developing sustainability among veterinary professionals.

If you would like to learn more about The Welcome Waggin’ and the career opportunities available, please visit our website here.

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